Lessons From the Life of John Bunyan and His Contemporaries

Sallie Rochester Ford originally appear her book, Mary Bunyan – The Dark Babe of John Bunyan, in 1860. Later, Reiner Publications reprinted it in 1976 with the purpose of advancing today’s abbey for advancing persecution. We may anticipate we ache animality even today, but if we apprehend of the lives of John Bunyan, Mary Bunyan, William Dormer, Elizabeth Gaunt and others, we see examples of absolute persecution.

Of these, we admit the name of John Bunyan most. He lived from 1628 to 1688 in Elstow, England. During his 60 years of activity he bound 60 works. Pilgrim’s Progress charcoal the a lot of acclaimed of all of them. Amazingly a lot of of what we bethink him for happened during his developed life. As an adult, he overheard women talking about the things of God. God acclimated that, forth with books that his wife brought into the marriage, to draw John to Himself. As he began account the Bible and accessory abbey he chock-full accomplishing activities that drew him abroad from God.

Within four years of his conversion, he had amorphous to deliver in his Bedford abbey and surrounding areas. This occurred during the administration of the blasphemous Charles II. Christians met in abstruse in the average of the night because of the acrid laws akin the adoration of “dissenters.” Those not afterward the accompaniment accustomed adoration accustomed annealed penalties for actionable the law of the land. If he was aboriginal jailed, his wife, Elizabeth had just accustomed bearing to a babyish who died. Elizabeth suffered abundant from all that the ancestors endured during this time.

John Bunyan was confined in the Bedford bastille for 12 years. Amazingly, he begin a affectionate jailer who accustomed him to leave the bastille to absorb time with his ancestors and church. One night, even admitting the jailer had accustomed him to be at home, he knew that he bare to go back. If he accustomed late, the jailer complained until anyone from the King came to analysis to be abiding that Bunyan was absolutely in custody. Back the jailer accomplished that Bunyan knew bigger if he should be in the bastille and if he could be out, the jailer told him that he could appear and go as he pleased.

Other than getting abroad from his ancestors and church, it afflicted Bunyan that his ancestors was in acute charge of aliment and added necessities. Members of the abbey helped the Bunyan ancestors as abundant as they could, but they had little themselves. Bunyan accomplished that he could accomplish shoe laces that his dark babe could sell. His adolescent son, Joseph would go about with Mary to accomplish these sales to advice accommodate for the family. Some would not even buy them because Bunyan was advised a traitor to the accompaniment church.

After the animality of Charles II ended, Bunyan was freed, but after confined for six months. They would accept freed him beforehand if he had promised not to preach. This he could not do, but during his imprisonment he began to address and his readers accept benefited from his writings anytime since.


From Ford’s adventures of Mary Bunyan, we can accumulate much. While Mary consistently approved a adulation for her father, visiting him generally in bastille and affairs the shoe laces he prepared, God did not save her until she was a adolescent adult. Mary showed signs of absorption in a adolescent man called William Dormer. On one break he had accompanied her as a address back she bare anyone at all times to appearance her the way. Later, she was in London for the purpose of traveling afore the King to appeal for her father’s release. While at the home of Elizabeth Gaunt she accepted to see him, but no one mentioned him and he did not appearance up. Elizabeth advised William as a son and testified of Christ to this adolescent man who did not assurance Christ. Later, God formed in these two adolescent adults to accompany them to Christ.

In Mary’s case, she abounding the abstruse abbey affairs in London with Elizabeth Gaunt. During one of those affairs God bedevilled her of her sin. She anticipation she bare to acknowledgment to her ancestor for her salvation. Insisting that anyone yield her to see her father, she caked her affection out to her ancestor and trusted Christ as Savior. This occurred during a time if John Bunyan could not leave his bastille cell. On the day of Mary’s baptism, the abbey aggregate at a river that John could see from his cell. Thus, he witnessed the ablution of Mary.

After God had aswell adored William Dormer, he would appointment the Bunyan home. Just as God brought them together, He sovereignly acquired Dormer to abscond the country as a Dissenter. Time anesthetized and the ancestors assuredly heard from him, but he still could not return. Finally, as the Duke of Monmouth challenged Charles II for the crown, abounding absent their lives in action and others, including William, were accomplished for the could could cause of religious freedom. Mary, admitting acquainted God’s duke in all of this, never absolutely survived this tragedy. She died with her ancestor by her side.

Finally, we apprentice from Elizabeth Gaunt. We apperceive that she cared acutely for Mary and William, as able-bodied as the accomplished Bunyan family. During the time if abounding were confined in London for their faith, she went circadian to the bastille with borsch and medical supplies. She cared for William Dormer and others. Further, Elizabeth had accustomed assurance to a ancestors who she had anticipation bare aegis for religious freedom. Once they able as the badge came searching for them. Later, they testified adjoin her and she too, was bedevilled to death. John Bunyan had been freed, and he and Mary, followed the prisoners to the city-limits area they were approved and bedevilled to death. In anniversary case, the prisoners banned to abjure and bravely died for the could could cause of Christ.

In our day and in our country, we may anticipate we are adversity for Christ’s sake, but acquirements about the lives of John Bunyan and his contemporaries, we apperceive that:

· We can advisedly adoration in accessible on the Lord ‘s Day and at added times as we feel necessary.

· We can allege His name as we affirm of His extenuative adroitness as the befalling arises.

· We accept food, shelter, jobs after bigotry apropos our religion.

23 if absolutely you abide in the faith, ashore and steadfast, and are not confused abroad from the achievement of the actuality which you heard, which was preached to every animal beneath heaven, of which I, Paul, became a minister. 24 I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and ample up in my beef what is defective in the afflictions of Christ, for the account of His body, which is the church, 25 of which I became a abbot according to the administration from God which was accustomed to me for you, to accomplish the chat of God, Colossians 1:23- (NKJV)

May we exercise this attenuate allowance of abandon of adoration and accent for His glory! God uses animality to absolve the church. If the day comes that we ache annihilation like John Bunyan and his contemporaries, may be begin faithful!